Opalescence Tooth Whitening – Discover the Magic of Teeth Whitening


Your face is the first thing that any person you meet will immediately see and pay attention to. It is for this reason that people will go to great lengths to improve and in certain cases even alter facial features. The popularity of facial plastic surgery is evidence of this growing interest in making one’s face more appealing. Many times, there are psychological repercussions; how a person perceives themselves plays a major part in how other people perceive them.

One facial aspect that more and more people pay attention to nowadays is the condition of their teeth. Thanks to a wide range of factors, from the type of food and drink one eats, smoking, genetic factors, to just plain old aging, one’s teeth can start to change color and take on an unattractive, stained appearance.

If your dental condition starts to deteriorate this way, you need not panic. ครีมทาฝ้า There are ways through which you can restore the teeth back to a brilliant white making you proud to smile again boosting your self-confidence. One product that has been consistently proven effective in this regard is Opalescence tooth whitening gel. What’s more, the process through which the gel is applied is straightforward.

That said, Opalascence tooth whitening gel must be used exactly as per instructions. In fact, the gel is often sold under the prescription only and not over the counter.

There are three main forms of Opalescence tooth whitening gel: 15%, 20%, and 35% Opalescence tooth whitening. The percent prefix is a measure of the amount of carbamide peroxide that the gel contains. The higher the level of carbamide peroxide, the more potent and faster acting the gel is. In fact, the level of carbamide peroxide plays an important part in the length of time the gel should be left on the teeth during each application session.

For instance, the more potent 35% gel should not be used for more than 30 minutes per day. 20% Opalescence tooth whitening gel should be used for no more than 1 hour per day in total. Two sessions of 30 minutes each at either end of the day should suffice. 15% gel is at the lower end of the spectrum and can be used for several 30 minute or one hour sessions each day. The limit will often be the level of sensitivity of one’s teeth.

One must never leave the 20% and 35% gel in the mouth overnight, but this must also be avoided for the weaker 15% gel. Due to its strength, the 35% gel should only be used as an escalation by users of the 20% gel that have been unable to achieve the desired result.

To cater for the different taste preferences, Opalescence tooth whitening gel comes in three flavors: melon, mint and unflavored. In order to have maximum effect, the gel must be applied using bleaching trays. Because of the relatively intrusive nature of the bleaching process, the bleaching trays must be washed thoroughly after use as way of maintaining high hygiene standards.

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