We’re Number One – Or Are We?


USA! U S A! U S A! We’re Number One. Is chanted at every big sporting event and political rally. We, the citizens of the usa are brainwashed into thinking that what is bigger, better, and more intelligent in the us, however it’s not true. We have fallen behind in many Important areas:

Health Care — In accordance with a record by the World Health Organization in the year 2000 we’re 37th in the world. Upgraded statistics aren’t available. The task proved too tricky. . Additionally a report printed by Health Affairs, the Policy Journal of the Health Sphere in 2008 ranking unnecessary deaths by nations of individuals under the age of 75. Guess at which the USA came ? We’re number 14. The truth is US citizens pay twice as far overall for health coverage and get half of the outcomes.cbd vape
Instruction — The CIA in the World Fact Book 2009, lists the expenditures of countries to get instruction as a percent of GNP. The United States comes from 5-7 immediately behind Jamaica, and Belize. In some sort of contrast of 250,000 1-5 year old students in 41 unique countries the united states ranked 25th in math performance behind 11 countries, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Poland, etc. spending more of their GNP on education. Does educational expenditures correlate with educational functionality?
Income — Based on GDP that’s a way of discovering purchasing power parity the US rankings 10th supporting, number 1 Liechtenstein; #2 Qatar; number 3 Luxembourg; no 4 Bermuda, and #5 Norway.
Life-expectancy — After again US citizens fall behind a number of other countries arriving at 50th (origin CIA World Factbook). Countries with antipsychotic medication generally have higher durability.
Where does the USA glow?

We spend more and receive less.
Oil Consumption — The US gets the most rigorous bragging rights for oil consumption, having 3% of the planet’s reservations and with significantly more than every other country.
Has America’s time gone? Is america a has-been without the need to fix the problems no matter what it’s? The future can answer these questions, in terms of today it appears that there’s much to be done before we are able to truly shout,”We’re Number One!”