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Michael Sedge has been selling his photos and articles to foreign markets for more than 2 decades. His publication (THE author’S AND PHOTOGRAPHER’S GUIDE TO GLOBAL MARKETS), can open up the doorway to such markets to other musicians. I talked with Michael and asked him concerning marketing to international consumers.

“I first began attempting to sell images to foreign publications in 1983,” Michael says. “Now, over fifty per cent of my photographs promote in regions outside of North America — in Africa, Asia, and Europe. It’s easy to sell foreign. In fact, technology now has made advertisements to foreign books as uncomplicated as selling into the local newspaper.”

“how can you begin?” I inquired.

“commence first using a contact query correspondence. It’s the optimal/optimally method to strategy international books for your first moment. It conserves on expensive global postage and usually will bring a more rapidly response than would a unsolicited submission of pics. Include a set of one’s stock graphics for the photobuyer or art director Serviços de marketing digital.
To begin with, focus your efforts towards books printed in English. Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa have English vocabulary periodicals, as do nearly the other nations in the world. Back in England, Off Duty; in Singapore, Her World; at Italy, Neural; at Sweden,” Scanorama; in Germany,” Visuel; in Spain, Lookout; at Costa Rica,” FIPP Journal Globe.

“How do you locate these as well as other markets” I asked.

“locating foreign exchange markets isn’t as difficult as you could think. This 600-plus site book is printed in England and lists more than 4,500 overseas markets. It is available in major bookstores in the United States, or your own library, even throughout the Inter-Library Mortgage Services.

“The Willings Press Guide,, also published within the UK, is found in many libraries, although it generally does not checklist prices or specific editorial needs.”

If Mike sends selections of their images, ” he states,”I prefer to send out thumbnails to overseas books. For all editorial needs, these really are sufficient. And I ship some other photo packages by freelancer — UPS, fedex, etc.. This allows me with a means for tracking imports from the net, or by means of a toll-free number. Additionally, my experience is that if you utilize courier provider to send images, then the client usually returns that courtesy, also returns your bundle exactly the very same way after use. Of course today almost every thing is electronic, and with digital shipping earning things far easier.

“options to produce your image story, informative article, or even respective graphics in your (or a photobuyer’s) web-page today introduce an effective marketing instrument, and also as more and more worldwide photobuyers are getting to be Web-savvy, you are ready to receive work facing of increasing quantities of consumers ”

I asked Michael what reception he gets when he ever submits digital submissions.

“Australian buyers who are familiar with working together with unsigned photographers, are still in the forefront once it comes to Internet literacy. You experience a benefit coping overseas with buyers that are Internet-ready. They could view thumbnail submissions and make their conclusions in an issue of hours. Then you have the chance to publish a high-resolution image online, or deliver a disc to them overnight. The electronic revolution has altered the chances of foreign marketing!”


“Like periodicals in the United States, most overseas magazines utilize one-time book legal rights,” reports Mike. “This usually means you’re absolutely free to sell and decorate your own package and images as many times as you desire. While there isn’t any cross-readership battle between foreign publications, global photobuyers welcome the opportunity to buy their stuff such a manner.

“global editors can be found by email, and most use faxes. And generally in the majority of circumstances image editors overseas enjoy using those modes of communications for initial contact.

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